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October 5, 2007, 11:34 pm
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I just got back from another sungkai outing again tadi. Capers again! Hahaha!


Raya’s a few days to go… ehmm, not sure if I’m excited about it, I feel just the same like every other day. Oh well, we’ll see. Sometimes it’s the other way around when you least expect it. No new shoes and no new baju raya for me, hehee! (my tailor cannot make it!) I don’t think you really need new stuffs if you still have some other un-used stuff in your wardrobe. And when I say un-used I mean those shoes or bags that you seldom use/put on, strictly for special occasions only. Soo, to compensate with the lack of new things, I think I really NEED a new haircut hehee!

Was supposed to join the parents to go visit the kubur tadi but I can’t. Nas hun, were you there?

 Alrighty, feeling so tired now. I just wanna go blog hopping.


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yay.. aku pun nada new shoes/bag for raya this time. entah mengapa macam malas ku sibuk kan membali. teehee

Comment by ain

ohh yayyy! atleast i know im not aloneeee!! weee!
hahaha banar ain eh, when my mum cakap ‘ehh inda ko membali bali???’ i just shook my head. my mum atu mcm sarcastic ada jua, sarcasm+relief hahahhaaa! entah mcm nada mood langsung ahh =/

Comment by sza15

hahahaha inda apa babe. save $$. tapi $$ lari ke makan-makan-makan. LOL

Comment by ain

hahhah exactly! MAKAN atu penting tuuu hahhahah. parut atu misti numbur satu. hahahahaa!

Comment by sza15

haha yes I was, tapi i stayed in the car pasal Nafiz was sleeping hehehe

Comment by Nas

Aww u were there, if i was there with u i’d probably join u in the car wif nafiz hehee. but too bad, i ‘cannot’ go. hehee. bah come kerumah, expecting u 1st or 2nd raya ni, hehe gotta hav a brief catch up sesh hun!

Comment by sza15

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