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October 7, 2007, 1:02 am
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Hung out with Rina the whole night, then went home I thought I dropped my phone somewhere coz it isn’t in my bag (either tetinggal at home, dropped it at the sungkai place, or dropped it at gadong somewhere!) I was this close to crying when I tried calling and I couldn’t hear it anywhere in my house!!! Texted Rina and she double checked thank god it’s at the backseat of her car!!!! Fuhhh!!! Thanks a lot hun!!! See you later!!! So sorry to cause you the trouble!!! Love love love you lots hehee!

I owe you a kupi session then! Haha!

Ohh we tried Taurean at The Arch, not bad inside, especially at the very corner. And we had a peek at Tandoor.com, also a nice place, thought we’d swing by that place to have drinks tapinya not much of a selection. But definitely will try overthere when the craving hits.

Ok. Goodnight. I’m still having a pang of guilt for dropping my phone in Rina’s car hehee.



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Adeh pindah kita. Haha. Eh atu damit words mu ah kenapa ia? Payah membaca hehe.

Comment by war186

so Mal, are we really gonna start a blog that’s gonna change the world?? HAHAHA. I can’t sleep and I seem to be in a bitchy mood. Kau ni punya pasal about that celebretard website thingy. HAHAHAHA. Wake up wake up!! Bitch with me!! HAHAHA. Coffeeeeeeeeeeee

Comment by N25


yeah hun, hehee, moved! =D aduhh i noe its so tiny ryt… i havent got the chance to play around with worpress punya features yet! hold onnn! =D

Comment by sza15


where art thou juliettt? im online now hahhahaa! tapi ko nada!!!!
bah, since we r always on the page anyways, why the hell not!!! hahahahahah! lets get starttteeeddddd!!!!


Comment by sza15

eh sorry. main game ku ntadi. HAHAHA. bahh aku on! dimana ktani kan mencari ‘material’? HAHAHA. we are sooooooooo bad.

Comment by N25

hahahah nur, bolehhh bolehhh.
aku ada ehh ‘material’ sudah! byk lagi tu…tapi yg palsu2 plg ganya hahahah….
Hint: ‘wax’

Comment by sza15

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