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3rd day.
October 15, 2007, 7:33 pm
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Today went good. Fewer visitors tho’ as compared to yesterday, I’m guessing a lot of people are not in the festive mood this time (or maybe not yet!) oh well. Some funny things happened today, someone mistaken me for a maid! Hahaha, and of course I didn’t take offense, I just giggled on my way to the dining room thinking, wow someone with coloured hair and blue contact lenses, that’s one hell of a high maintenance maid I say! Hahhahah!


And my grandma kept on asking who’s currently visiting from hour to hour; honestly, I’m not good at the addressing department. Sometimes I thought someone I’d call auntie turns out to be my younger nini. Hehee. Vice versa. 

My nini: siapa tu datang atu?

Me: emmm nini…

My nini: nini mu yang di mana?

Me: emmm niniii… emm… nnntahh…

My nini: bah tantu jua nini mu di sini kah, di limbang kah, di belait kahh…!!

Me: emm antah ne ehh, emm yang di beribi kali.

*runs away*

Hahaa. Case close. Kes inda tau jua sudah tu, hahaha nini beribi. I guess my nini is pissed off everytime she asks me things. I can never give the right answers. Haha!


I watched License to Wed on dvd last night but didn’t finish it coz I dozed off halfway. And the other day I watched The Notebook again, never fails to make me cry! Sigh, I’m such a softie. I must toughen up! And then I watched Cinta again on NTV7 the other day, I thought okay nii, balik balik sudah meliat I won’t cry anymore, but nahhh, it reduced me to tears as well, hahaha, hopeless thing!

Okay, enough of this softie girl. I hope your raya went fantabulous!


Ohh guess whattt! I gained all the kg’s I’ve lost! (gained during puasa!!!) I mean I have to go through very difficult regime in order to lose weight but gaining it back is like pffttt! Macam nada. Tsktsktsk! I’m gonna have to start the ball rolling!  Dear ‘satu senduk nasi’ and ‘jogging’ and ‘aerobics’, I will come back to you guys very soon. Tsktsktsk!



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