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Pix from Day 1.
October 15, 2007, 12:40 pm
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You see my Curly Sue basar sudahhh! =D


Wow big fattt smile! Hehee.

Lotsa pixxies actually but sorry, I think my brothers and sisters will be pleased if I blocked them in here hehee. So it will mainly be pix of them kiddies.

Now now, how do I resize… hmm. Laters.

[edit] Ok, I think I need a wider layout for my pictures!!! Don’t tell me WordPress doesn’t have this uploader that fits automatically to the template! Arghh! Help! [/edit]

[edited again] SO yah, I just checked the WordPress’ FAQs tadi, it says WE HAVE NO AUTOMATIC RESIZER. Damnnnit. Now I miss Blogger. [end of edit]


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Awww cute jua! Hehe. =)

Comment by war186

Hehee they are my little rascals!!! paning tu melayan!!! hahah! but look at those happy faces ahhh, like awww, i guess raya is soo fun to them!

Comment by sza15

pretty 😉 😉

Comment by Faz

Boh! siapa pretty faz?? HAhahhaha the usu atau the anak buah? hahahhahah =P happy raya faz, hope u had a great time there too ya..

Comment by sza15

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