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October 17, 2007, 3:30 am
Filed under: Daily

It’s 3-ish in the morning, still not going to sleep. I am very much procrastinating, I am asked to do some sample answers for some past year papers FOR someone. For for for. Okay I’m bored and hungryyy, whatever happens to my midnight buddy? Where art thou? You dumped me already without even telling me? Why?  But whyyy??? Hahahaa emo jua ehh.


Bah midnight buddy, see you again soon! Mana kau ilang ani kan?


In the middle of the night, like right now, I’m thinking of buying some new kains (kain! Like wth??! Ahaha!) and new flats for god knows what! I am craving for a new pair of flats!!! Errrhhh!!! And kain can you believe it??? It’s raya, and my baju kurungs are not even done yet and now I’m thinking of WANTING to buy new kains for future use perhaps? Hahaha, macam macam alasan. Ada-ada saja jua tengah malam ani ahh.


To you who are feeling kinda generous right now, I want new flats and maybe kains too. Hehee. No, I don’t want a new ‘plastic/metallic thing’ thank you, just those above =)


Apakan ni? If the (festive)mood has finally sink in, atuuu ketinggalan brabis tu ehh! Hahaa!


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