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Chocolate week!
October 17, 2007, 1:25 am
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Waf, you said it’s chocolate weekkk! Hahaa, we are already overdosed on tapak kuda and nutella rolls here! Hahahhaaa! And chocolate cheesecakeeee, here I come! If I get any fatter esuk, it’s Waf’s fault hahahah def-o =P


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You MUST celebrate it!I ate 2 boxes of chocolates udah and i stole some of my friend’s jua. ahhahaa…I think i may have gained about 3 kg so far. No worries, it ends this weekend. hahahaha..lapas atu, who knows? it might be pizza week!

Comment by Wafa

HAhahahahah! sudahh!
tadi ku mkn byk choco cheezcake!!! arghhh nyamannnn! hahahahaa.

you evil you hahahahah. piza week? ok fine, that, il excuse myself and really really celebrate hahahaha!

Comment by sza15

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