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slow update.
October 23, 2007, 12:30 am
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Been so lazy with the updates. But my weekend was great. I’m still waiting for my sister to burn/play/? the big bunga api tho’ but it’s been raining here, so yeah.


Managed to finally join Rinrin go raya-ing with her friends last night, although I don’t quite know some of them hehee, but it was so much fun, they’re all funny people. Half of the place we went to were having their open houses… hmmm, soo delishhh! Babe, I’m waiting for your open house next! Hahaha =P Andddd, I’m still waiting for some people to beraya kerumah… *hinthint* Are you guys reading?


Well there, I’m too lazy to type some more, guess I’ll leave it at the pictures.


(pix removed)

* More pix but I wouldn’t wanna embarrass anyone with our silly shots hahhaa! Had tons of fun with you guys!


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amal!!! haha i miss you eh!

lawa gambar ketani ah! i love you!

Comment by riname

hahahah miss u too, bah nanti ketani mengupi ya when u need company hahah.
oohh feel free to tek d gambar….byk lagi gambar tani tapi semua yg kusut2 usul tani hahahaha… luv u mwahsss!

Comment by sza15

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