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visit to the ship.
November 2, 2007, 2:19 am
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I am currently doing revisions with two adults and two little kiddies! If that is how it feels like to be a teacher, arghh, tolonggg! And this is just handling two kids I tell you, just TWO, balum lagi one whole class, so I guess I can’t make a good teacher then, I get paning over littlest things, my little boy just can’t stop talking and making jingles, while the girl is, uhh, soo moody and she’ll just runaway whenever she switches to the I-dont-want-to-study-at-all-you-understand! mode. How stressful. Arghh, kiddies. And later will be another long day ahead teaching them. I hope they’ll behave. Sigh.


Okay, so two days ago (ermm, Wednesday), we went over to Muara to have a look at the floating book fair, that ship called Doulos. We got lost on the way there tho’ hahaha! A few detours and then we finally got there! Well, can’t blame me for not knowing the directions because aku jarang ke Muara, so why did he even listen to me when I asked him to try go masuk at those different simpangs? Haha =P He complained getting a headache having me as the co-pilot. Siapatah suruh ikut cakapku hehehe. I thought I did warn in advance.


It wasn’t that bad lah, just a few range of books I say so myself. But hey, what do you expect from a book fair located on a ship hehehe. It was nice, the crews who guided us to the book fair are all friendly. It was soo packed with people, the heat, ahhh, hehehe, the heat! He’s happy he finally got his Postman Pat book (Postman Pat? Hahhaa I know right!), but was a little bit upset coz they didn’t come in many series. At least he got it! The kiddy section was a lot of fun, browsed through those shelves full of colourful books makes me wish I was a 7-year old!!! I’m also pretty much content with the fact that I got a cook book full of CHICKENNN recipes!!! Yayyy! Hehee. It’s got everything from Italian, Spanish to Chinese, Thai, Indian, Mexican and French! From soups, starters, salads, lunch, dinner and hearty dishes, noodles and pastas and wraps! Ooohhh I loveee chickennn! ♥♥♥

And lastly, of course bought the mug and postcards because besides shot glass, I’m an avid collector of those =) All in all, it was a good visit!

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