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Last open house?
November 4, 2007, 10:28 pm
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Went to Rinrin’s open house tadi, had lotsa fun with the crazy bunch! Owhh hunny, I loveeddd the laksa!!! And the fruit punch!!! Mmmm lapar ku ehh heheh just thinking about it!!! I’m so gonna start learning how to make laksa before my maid goes back for her long long holiday!


Was chatting with my guyfriend last night, he’s coming back for about just less than two weeks I think, since he can’t make it for raya this time around, he requested for me to bake him batches of biscuits and cookies for him to bring back to uk. Hahhaa, I’m more than happy to do that! Now I have a reason to bake bake bake!


On an unrelated topic, no offence but I’m sure and I bet none of them are reading this, I often wonder why some friends ani mudah lupa daratan? (haha bitter!) In other words, they ditch you for someone new, ya I know friends come and go, but I also do think it doesn’t hurt to remind yourself with whom you actually started with? Fine, maybe not to them. Maybe for them, friends are kinda like disposable. Blah.

I like what my girlfriend once told me, I quote her, “She’s only friends with COOL people, we’re just COOLER!” Hahahaaa!

Jadinya apakan? Kan bekawan ani mesti liat ‘standard’ dulu kah? If that’s the case, maybe I just don’t fit in anymore. Not like I care, just annoyed!  Sudah ada kawan baru, lupa kawan lama. Thank goodness my real friends are not like that. Pfftt. Apa nya urang, siapa makan lada ia terasa padasnya!



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mal, kalau tahan padas cemana? haha… btw, aku setuju dgn pendapat awda tentang ‘kawan lupa daratan’. Apakan… mesti be- level kah kalau kan bekawan ani??? haha what the hell. in that case, then yes, let’s just say, we’re cooler. durang mau sama the cool people, go on. pikir saja tani cooler. woooohhh!!!

haha emosi jwa aku. aku rindu kau brabis!!! i wanna go to your house and makan indomee. :-p siasiapun! ooohh btw if u want the laksa, i can order for you!!! nahh teseliur tia ku nah. sia2 pun again.

ambuyat kah??? SIA SIA PUN!!! astagfirullah… apa yg ku merepek niii.. gerenti ngalih pasal kaja ni. im bored. brabis. tadi tetidur ku time membuat inventory, aka mengira paku damit dalam lab. lol

miss you mal!!! mau jumpe lagi laaa… aku kemarin mcm nda telayan urang… but at least ampitlah aku becakap with each and everyone huhu… love you!!!

Comment by riname

Hahaha see diz is why i love u so so much hahaha! kalau tahan padas yatah thick-skin tu nah, hence why drg “lupa daratan” hahaha! ahh lets not give a damn abt these type of ppl, so not worth our time kan?

apeh capi, bulih ko sabut semua makanan ah, im readin diz at midnyt, lapar ku eh! n plz plz plz do not spoil me wif laksa (bulih plg bnrnya) kan diet ku ni hahah! ok. im postin dz via my fon. inda cukup word limit hehe. bah nanti tani makan lagi hehe =P

Comment by sza

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