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rant. sorry?
November 11, 2007, 12:58 am
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Well well. I haven’t been blogging and blog hopping. I have all the time in the world to do that but just plain lazyyy.


Anyways, went to the cinema hari atu watching Lantai 13 (ermm Thursday) and I was sooo pissed off!!! How many times have I rant and raved on those silly cinema goers???!! No, I take that back, they’re not cinema goers, they’re monkeys!!! It’s good enough I wasn’t pms-ing, mun inda ku tandang sudah seatnya atu and smack his head for being such an asshole! This was what he did;

Acted capi capi all throughout the movie, we couldn’t concentrate! He spoiled it.

Clapped his hands when he ‘acted’ all scared.

Talked loudly with his friends (and again capi capi)

Answered the phone and had a loud conversation IN the cinema! Trust me, the whole cinema could hear him talk!!! (I can tolerate with people who whispers. I CAN, no problem.)

Sekalinya, memasang ia lagu arah fon nya!!! Not so loud, but loud enough to distract people on the nearby rows!!! It’s that song “o ohh kamu ketahuan pacaran lagi” Urghh hate hate hate it!!! Baik jua he stopped it halfway! Stupid bastard! (at this time I was about to kick his seat and tell him to shut up and be silent, tapinya on second thought, I don’t wanna create a fuss, it’s soo unfair to the other movie goers kan?)

Occasionally talked to his gf, who was sitting on his right, and loudly said “kenapa sayang macam ani??” (ahh wtf?!)


ARGHH! If that’s not enough to tick you off, then I dunno what else! Even the couple who was sitting somewhere arah row yang di sebalah berabis, said “Bising jua ehh! mun paham baik lagi!” and sshhhh’ed them quite a lot of times. Tapi inda merati kan? Uhh. Pikirnya ia sorang kali ganya yang membayar tiket atu?? Jadinya urang lain inda bebayar kali???!!! Palui. He didn’t even look like he’s interested in watching the movie, what with his stupid attitudes, inda malu kah gf nya ahh? Mun aku sudah ku tarik keluar kali, or better yet, NEVER bring him to the movies! NEVER!

So, may I suggest here, if you have a friend/boyfriend/girlfriend/whatever who acts like a hysterical monkey, please please please never to bring them to the movies!!! Inda pedah pedah naik blood pressure urang ulihnya.


And also, just a few days back earlier, on our way home, we witnessed people (a lot of them!) fighting in the middle of the road!!! In my kampung of course! These people have no shame I tell you. Okay, fine, mun kan kelaie dipersilakan tah ke siring jalan ah, move it, at least inda mengacau jalan, saves unnecessary jam for the other road users. Hahahaa! Kana hon pun masih jua bekelaie tangah2 jalan ah. Nadatah ia kan memikirkan urang lain. Hahaha, oh gosh, shitty stuff! @_@


Now, this turn out to be a rant! Hey, at least I’ve got something juicy to share with you guys hahah! How eventful! *blah*


Bah if ada juicy stuff, nanti ku cerita lagi. Hhahaha, I’ve officially gone mental =P



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