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Weekend’s post.
November 11, 2007, 1:09 am
Filed under: Daily

My weekend is fruitful. I hope! So far so good! Another family lunch/bbq later in the afternoon. I made shepherds pie and the sister made trifle. Can’t wait to eatttt all that later on!


We went over to empire and I thought it was Sean Ghazi who sat next to us. Wait, is his name Sean Ghazi kah? Hehehe. I missed out on the NBT orchestra thingy, the next time they organize that again, I must go. I dunno, I can’t say I’m so much into this musical thing, but I only have my ex to blame. He used to take me to this kinda stuff and I guess I’m just hooked to it =) it’s not a bad thing tho. (incase he’s reading this, so thanks to you mister)


Watched the Bee Movie. I liked it! It’s just fun to watch it. And no, no annoying squirts this time!



And tonight, my lil nephew refused to go home and is bunking in with me. I fell asleep way before him, I let him play the game till he dozed off to lalaland heheeh. Well what do y’know, right now I’m wide awake (it’s midnight!), got woken up by the (noisy)rain! Ok. I’m off blog hopping. It’s been a while.


… erm, someone’s knocking on my door right now.


Okay so that was my mum checking up on my nephew. She just got back from the STPRI’s hostelite reunion party. Past midnight! What happen to curfews mother?!? Hehehehe jk! She told me she got an oven from the lucky draw. Right, seems like I’m the only one who’s always unlucky in this house whenever it comes to lucky draws! I’m fine by that, sigh. Another oven, all the more reason to bake MORE cookies and cakes! =D Ok, I’m off.



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