:: Smile and smell the coffee ::

November 12, 2007, 1:21 am
Filed under: Daily

It’s past midnight again. Here I am as usual hehee, my Sunday’s been great. The family and the good food, in fact I just gobbled one piece of bbq lamb (it’s soo yummy but ONE?!! Argh, takut paning yatah one piece tah saja!) and a few pieces of bbq wings, my pie and oohhh, the blueberry tarts =/ aiyoo, banyak jua ku makan ani!!! And I’m currently happily sipping my midnight coffee! I’m expecting a long night ahead of me!!! hehee! Ohh well, janji happy kan? =D


He just went to sleep so I have nobody to chat with…hmm… borreengg.


It’s November, new year is just around the corner, and I think I must accomplish one of my to-do lists for this year, initially I have TWO things but the other one is proving real slow so I’m down to one for the moment. Sometimes it’s really demotivating but it’s okay, I’ll try harder, I mean who else is gonna do it if not me myself kan? I’ve come to terms with the fact that there’s no point in whining anymore. If it’s there, then it’s gonna be there. If not, then perhaps I’m not trying enough? I just don’t want people to underestimate me, and at the same time I really don’t want to disappoint the people I love, I just can’t afford it. sigh. It’s okay. Hang in there.


Ermm, I shouldn’t sound/be sad over it, so okay, smile now amal =)



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