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tummy tummy…
November 12, 2007, 11:25 pm
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Felt soo hungry all throughout the day! I hope I won’t be hungry again in a few minutes time!

I’ve eaten a lot too, god knows what’s wrong! =/



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kau tau semalam aku mimpi aku di Jollibee. JOLLIBEE!! of all places. JOLLIBEE! hampa ku eh. past few days ani I’ve been having rather disappointing dreams 😐

Comment by N25

aww..Tahan dulu ok? Sia sia pun eh!

ingat ko when we used to joke around at holborn? Take bus no.68 or watever and off we go to tambing! Hehehe good times. Bah dont be upset. Cheer up! Ok?

Comment by sza

HAHAHA! Ke Tambing! hahaha awu. rasa rasahan jua tani atu ah. aku ada cerita! krg tah when and if i see you online keh!

Comment by N25

sigh… good ol times…. =) *hugs*

*bitch fest!!!! ehhh salah…hahaha lesbo festtt!!!! =P

Comment by sza15

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