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November 23, 2007, 1:17 am
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[edited] INDA JADI! [/edit]


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Comment by N25

aku pun hiatus lings. ada jua rasanya kan delete blog, inda ku te-update lagi. i have nothing to say. its getting bangas. i hope to see you online soon. mwahs. =o)

Comment by Wafa

B-U-T W-H-Y!!!

Comment by N25


hahahaha dui malai, kesian jua bunyinya..

bah il update a little then. Hehe. If aku inda malas karang haha.

Comment by Sza

do one of those memes or something. I need reading materials!! haha 😉

Comment by N25

aku ke boringan dgn blogspot.. to wordpress or not to wordpress..hahahahaha…

Comment by Wafa

please do convert. hahahaha

Comment by N25

wordpress macam siok bah. blogspot ani mcm2 masalah teknikal. waduh…bah, nantitah ku convert ke wordpress.

Comment by Wafa

ehh releks wah kamu ani hahahahah.

awuu ada ku meme tu sdah ku keabisan material!!!! hahaha

ohh waf, DO CONVERT. i took it from Miss N25, and i never looked back! hahahah apehh, mcm2 bunyinya, but true, blogspot shud change their name to crapspot. HAHAHAAHA. Mcm2 bah masalah teknikalnya!
bahhh moveeee!

Comment by sza15

awu eh Waf. wordpress tah. huhu. or maybe kamu dua should make one blog. for all bitchfest activities. hahaha. nadabah~ heee

Comment by N25

HAHAHAH i can make a bitchfest all by myself hahhaha. nada wah!!! =P

Comment by sza15

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