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all week long.
November 25, 2007, 10:29 pm
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That’s his bottle supposedly with milo in it and that’s my midnight coffee hehee.

My nephew said, “Lain jua botol susu usu anii??”



I’ve been busy. Well, nothing much really, just babysitting the kids and my nephew’s been bunking in with me AND has successfully pee’d on my bed too!!! Arghhh!!! Other than that, been catching up and meeting up with some friends, I’ve gone wayyy lazy with the photo taking, so sorry there’s no pictures to stick up here. Speaking of which, I have to meet up with my guyfriend soonnn before he flies off! He said he got OKs and Hellos and something for me hahaha. Sweet.


And and… my maid is officially GONE! Tsktsktsk! Balik ia sudah, ngalihku helping out my mother in the kitchen and I so cannot believe my mum is cooking with the help of recipe books! That’s how long the maid’s been here and that’s how long my mum’s been taking the back seat. Bukan lagi back seat, NOT COOKING AT ALL! hahaha. My maid knew everything around the house, infact she was fully in charge of the kitchen department. Sometimes we even have to ask her where she placed the things. Now that she’s back to her homeland, guess we really really have to start from scratch. Don’t ask me about the younger maid, I bet she’s kinda lost too, so that’s not so much of a help there. So yes, antiiii, come back hereee pleaseee!!!!! Tsktsktsk!!!! =/


Got so bored tonight! I baked Kokokrunch+almond cookies. I purposely made big big ones and it’s really crispy but less sweet for my liking. But my mum likes it that way katanya sadang2 tah kan manis saja ani, kurangkan manis! Hahaha. Emm, what a way to kill the time.


Aahhh, what else to update???

No no no, now YOU guys update me on something. Off blog hopping now.



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YA RABBI!!! BASA BANA “butul susu” mu atu. patuttah inda mau tidur!!! hahahaha. tskkk mal tskkk! 😛

Comment by N25

Hahaha iv toned down my intake hahaharr! Sekali seminggu ganya tu neng! Other than dat, its milo mcm anak buahku hahahaha! =P

Comment by Sza

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