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It makes u go… ???
November 30, 2007, 11:37 pm
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Was chatting with one of my guyfriends the other day, we were just talking about the usual stuffs, when he suddenly bombarded me with different questions altogether on the next split second! It’s the same ol same ol relationship (or trust) issues. I have one, everybody has one or even more! It’s just life, we have to go through complications along the way!


Obviously I’m no love doctor, pfftt, I even suck at this department myself! But in the name of a good friend, we talked things through and I listened to everything he has to whine about. I agreed with him on the fact that forgiving isn’t as easy as some people might think it is, let alone moving on from a heart break or some sort of a pain. It’s safe to say, you’ll never be completely or fully healed from those hurtful moments. There’ll be times when things just flashed back and you tell yourself you aren’t ready to forgive and forget. In my case, I can forgive (depending on how bad the situation is) BUT will never forget what one has ever done to me. So moving on to the other topic, he whined about how difficult it is to find ‘the one’!!! Told him he’s just pinning on those expectations way up high, which isn’t really the way to do it (as for me that is). If she’s the one, then she will be, insyaAllah.

I mean you can’t just meet that somebody and think he or she will be THE ONE and you can’t expect things to really really work out between the two of you or expect the relationship to be smooth sailing all the time, NO, you cannot, unless you get to know who the person is, as in his/her true colour. Okay, maybe it’s just my take on relationship, as far as I’m concern, being with the same person for over the years, still won’t guarantee whether he or she is The One. As simple as that.


You know when some people say, nature has its funny or weird ways on working things out, I’d like to believe it’s true.


And then he asked me this: Have you ever cheated? Before? May be even NOW, MAY BE???

*Hehee, funny guy*

Sufficed to say, ”I’m all clean now hun hehee!”

Lesson learned and karma exists! Hehee! I can’t say I’ve really cheated, no, but it was more like I’ve crushed somebody else’s heart to pieces, I still feel guilty thinking about it now. It was a matter of me ending the relationship very abruptly just because I was torn, and I thought he was better off without me. Sigh. If only I knew how he felt at the time. But the next thing I know, I got myself into another relationship and he ended up cheating on me =(

What goes around comes around! That’s all I’m saying!


Ohh, I do not want to be a cheater, I hope I will never have to take or eat all these words back! Err! No! Relationship is not an easy thing, you have to work on it to make it work. Kalau pun sudah tawar ati with your partner, I think you MUST be a man/woman enough to be able to let him/her know about the whole truth. It’s just unfair to keep things hanging just because you can’t make up your mind or decide on one thing, it’s just so unfair. It’s tough, yes, nobody ever says it’s easy.


I hope it’s not so much of a rojak post, but you get my drift yes? =)


On a different note, eh babe, I’m (slowly) starting to think Rihanna and Josh Hartnett look cute (or hot) together hahaa! I dunno how that happens! *gasps* =P



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