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Note to my secret santa…
December 3, 2007, 2:11 am
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I hope it’s not tooo early for me to write/send a note to my Secret Santa! In fact, it’s already written, signed and sealed and I’m hoping my Secret Santa will read it sometime soon!

 pc020009.jpg pc020010.jpg 

Here’s what I wrote;


Dear Secret Santa,

I’ve been a good girl this year, and I’ve been soo patient with my job-hunting, so I’m leaving you with my wishlist, BUT I’d like to have them in advance, which is on the 15th, if it’s not too demanding hehee! =) Please kindly leave the presents on my doorstep as I don’t have a chimney =)

Here goes my list;


(I re-assure you it’s less than 10 things and they’re all not too expensive hehee!)


So Secret Santa, I really NEED some of those things, no joke, I want the real deal!





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I sent mine but it got returned. Apparently stamps ku inda cukup. Hmph! Ku express mail ia eh 😉

Comment by N25

u better send it again soon! It`s still not too late! First class express mail if u must! Hahahaha!

Comment by Sza

hey, to whom do we send the secret santa to? hahahahahahaa….to santa kah? or to Hua Ho?

Comment by Wafa

hmm aparently now we can pick our own santas haha, dat red n white bearded man is so overated hehe! Bah go pick ur santa waf =D
huaho? Nada. Atu utk lucky draws ganya tu hahaha sory

Comment by sza

Where’s the list? Haha nyibuk. ;P

Comment by war186

iatah lucky santa ku tu Hua Ho ah..tapi inda pernah manang lucky draw atu bah. bisai2 saja hadiahnya, kerita lah..blender…hahahahaha…

Comment by Wafa

hahah ooo i was kinda shy to list it down hun, hehee. Well, it was mostly girly tings! U rily wana know? Ermm ada shirts, shoes and make ups, haha typical of me lah! =D

apehh? Huaho is more lyk my unlucky santa! Hahaha! grandprize nya banar krita plg tu tiap taun hahaha tapi inda jua pandai dapatnya hahaha! I gave up filling in on thoz luckydraw receipts haha!

Comment by sza

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