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Happy Birthday love…
December 17, 2007, 11:37 pm
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Alrighty, it’s time to blog!


So first off;


A proper thank you note to those who’re sweet enough to send their wishes via the msn, sms’es, the FS and FB messages, and through snail mail!!! For all those years, I’ve kinda like given up hope on receiving cards but I got a few this time! Hhahaa!! Thank you my Bons for the generous love, dearest beloved friends and cousins and my sisters who arranged the birthday dinner and thank you loads for the gifts! To the bf, thank you so much for the cake and the thoughtful presents too =D Speaking of which, Happy Birthday to you because yours is today! Wishing you all the best (the very best) for the future and many many happy returns, semoga dimurahkan rezeki *ahemm* dan dipanjangkan umur… aminnn… =D


We didn’t celebrate much today because we’ve had two days in a row non-stop! Saturday was more of a low-key one because it was just us at home with our very mini birthday do, my parents were out sending some people home, it was raining heavily with the thunder and lightning, so we were ordered to stay home to accompany my grandma. So it was just me and him eating half of the choc fudge cake!!! Nurrr, salahhhh cake!!!! Yang ku mau atu choc mousse bukan choc fudge!!! Hahaaa, wrong cake but it’s okay. And then the astro doesn’t work when it rains here, so we’re left with watching rtb, sekalinya tutup karan sekajap hehehe! I was planning to just spend the night away watching Sehati Berdansa but oh well, the astro went kaputs here (most of the time!) I have no idea when the re-run is and who got eliminated last night! The only reason I watch that is because I like watching Strictly Come Dancing back in UK. That’s the closest thing I can get here hehee. My nephew and niece always shout Usuuuu Berrhati Berrdansaaa when it’s on tv! Hahahah berhati berdansa? Wth? Haha!


So anyways, I forgot what I was supposed to write down! Oh right, I remember now, Sunday night was the other birthday dinner with the whole family, so that was pretty much it then. It started off with a slight glitch tho’ because I thought he wasn’t coming (it was already 8.30pm and I was kinda fuming mad) but yes, he made it before 9. So all was good, it’s just the food that’s making me happy hehee =D


Watched I am Legend just now and I think I’ve had enough of those zombies or vampires-related movies and whatnot for this year. Blahhh. I want to watch horror movies, Sundel Bolong (sp?) was showing at Bolkiah the past weeks but I didn’t watch because I’m scared watching it there! Can you believe it??? Hahaha, I’m scared of Bolkiah cinema coz errr, I don’t know, I think it’s too spacious for my liking! And I hate The Mall Cineplex’s Cinema 1 punya couple seats, it’s soo smelly! So be warned!!! Eeeehh!


Ok, I’m going random! Hahaha! Later.



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iatah sioknya tu kalau birthday time weekend. especially on a saturday coz you have a good enough reason to celebrate it so many times!
siok eh!!!!!

oo oo, tulislah arah blog, what you got for your birthday!!

Comment by Wafa

eh awu ah happy birthday to gwan jua. huhu. tau dpn bouncer eh. taruskan sampai new year. biar tia 2wks of celebration. HAHAHA.

Comment by N25

hahaha exactly gurls! untung ku diz year kelurusan weekend! wah wahh taruskan sampai new year???!!! bah bolehhh bolehhh, tapi paksa tah ku minda sponsor ni dulu hahaha. siapa mau sponsor??? nantitah ku minta sponsor arah huaho sama nbt. gerenti meriah tu birthday bash ku hahhaahha!!! =P

Comment by sza15

and waf… heheh my gifts?? hmm… in general would be stuffs like baju, perfume, flowers, slippers and upcoming one, yang aku demAnd from my sister, but i havent made up my mind what i want from her yet hehehe

Comment by sza15

wah..demand segala.but who cares right? you can celebrate your birthday two days in a row!hahahah…insyallah we will meet next year, aku lanja ko makan!xx

Comment by Wafa

wuhuuuu!!!! ada urg kan belanjaaaa~~~ =D

Comment by sza15

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