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sunday splash at home!
December 31, 2007, 1:14 am
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We had a small family get-together and the kids at home have been nagging their mommies for a slide bouncer! They finally had their wish granted! Their nenek (my mum) kept on complaining about how much my sisters had to pay for these sorts of things come every school holidays! Hahaa. Like my mum said, “mun beratus ratus atu makan di KFC kanyang sudah tuu!!!” Hahaaha, there goes her economic theory on opportunity cost!!!!

(I have to agree, *thinks* $250 on kfc buckets is damnnn gooodddd!!!) @_@



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Cute jua Scooby Doo bouncer atu hehe. Banar nya mamamu kanyang makan tu duit $250 ah haha. Biasalah tu ah tani yang bagak sudah inda main bouncer lagi ani mestilah ngusut sikit hehe. ;P

Comment by war186

awuu hahaha tinggal scooby doo saja available for dat day, yg lain abis kana booked!
biasalah dear heehe urg tua2 kan, she cant even stop frowning lookin at it! hahaha ! ohh well, mums!

Comment by sza15

HAPPy New YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀

Comment by Nas


Comment by N25

OH!! rupanya kau tu arah si scooby atu. HAHAHAHAAHAH. I was wondering character mana lagi tu :s

Comment by N25

Nas, happy new year to you hun!!!! hope u had a blast!

Comment by sza15

nur ko mau bouncer!!?? bah baliktah sini !!!! hehehee

hahahahah awuuu new character in the upcoming scoobydoo movie! and shes gonna be a hit coz apparently shes so bitchy! HAHAHAHAHHA!!

Comment by sza15

happy new year!! eh awu abis bah bouncer ah masa new year atu. kami ampit the jumping bouncer saja. yg LAMA! and $250 jua… forrr a jumping bouncer. boringgg,

Comment by ain

happy new year to u too dear! awuu abis atupun we booked before x’mas!!! hahahah!!! ehh jumping bouncer for $250?? mahal jua!!!! i tink coz new year byk demand atu kalii, yatah naikkan nya harga!!! cheh!!

Comment by sza15

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