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first of the firsts.
January 3, 2008, 3:23 am
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My first sniffles for ’08!!! Arghhh sasakkuuu selesma ani ehhh!!!!


I think I’ll try to be good this time around, and by good I mean stop eating nasi ayam after jogging! Hahhaha!!! I bought fruits and the big milo ONLY right after I jogged tadi and managed to NOT look at Happy Dean!!! ohhh funny funny!!! Hahah! Temptations temptations! My mum has been pushing me to lose weight and I’m downright under lotsa pressures at the moment! I hope this will work out well.


Mum: cubatah ko putung baju mu catu untuk ari raya nanti…

Me: inda dapat tu bo! Fesyen catu atu sais untuk urang kurus saja tuu!!!

Mum: Nah! Siapatah nyuruh ko lampuh!!!!

Me: *sighhh*


Yikes! =/ I’m soo hating the sound of that last line! She’s so meannnn. Thanks mum.


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I caught a cold!
Get well soon babe!

Comment by adekxx

get well soon. 🙂

Comment by ain

awuu dekxx n mines soo bad its turning into a fever now!
tsktsk!!!! i didnt even get to go to the lights festival at jp and its the last day!!!!arghhh sasakkuu! u get well soon my luvvie!!

Comment by sza15

thanx ain, im hoping this will go away soonnn!!

Comment by sza15

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