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January 3, 2008, 1:23 am
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To all the readers out there, friends and cousins wherever you are, hope yours was good!!! Mine was boorrrriingggg! Hahaa. It’s safe to say, if I can find somewhere to party or rave, I’d be more than happy to join the crowd and party the night away but nooo, can’t find those places here! tsk!


The boring alternative was to just grab the movie tickets and then spent the night eating out. Watched AVP2 (sucky! I slept like 15mins after it started! I seriously cannot take in any aliens-related stuff!) Sorry bf, it all just didn’t make sense! He said that’s because ‘you don’t know their histories!’

I’ve watched National Treasure 2, I Am Legend and Alvin & the Chipmunks, they’re sooo cute!!! I am in need of horror movies!!! I can’t wait for Congkak, I hope it’s gonna be gooddd. Like pee-in-the-pants good! Hahaha! Is that too much to ask??


So 2007 is gone. I always do the flashback come every new years. 2007 for me has more downs than the ups. It’s sad really because there were just wayyy too much for me to handle at times. I’ve come to terms with several issues and I learn to understand that sometimes changes are inevitable (like it, want it or not). I came to learn the other side of hardships, it just keeps on building up but I still do have the optimism in me, so I hold on to what I believe is worth. Other than this, I’m keeping it blurred because I just chose to forget and be ignorant about it and move on.


I’m sure there were happy times but see, I guess I take things for granted I can’t really remember what it was! Hahaa!


I’m praying hard this New Year will bring in happier moments than previously. I am thankful for what I have but there are still some things I want to reach and learn. I’m hoping/praying for success and happiness and wellbeing for all of us…


So… happy new year again! *hugs*


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