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January 8, 2008, 9:40 pm
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I haven’t watched Grey’s in ages! The first and last time I did, was, emm, when I was still in uk and that was just halfway through the 1st season! I’m currently catching up! Uhh… I just don’t like that feeling when you have to wait for the next episode holding your breath to know what’s happening next!!! See this is why I hate getting hooked to those tv series… tsk! I know I’m really slow here but don’t mind me heheh.


I’ve been up early the past few days. It’s good to know what I’ve been missing, like the rainbow after the morning rain, my niece and nephew getting soo moody and cranky in the mornings, the breakfast, etc etc! I so hope this habit continues, I reallyyy need to fix my screwed up body clock! I’ll sleep at midnight, that’s the earliest I can get while other times, I can even stay up until 4-5am!!! It’s so frustratingggg. I need some sort of a therapy. Helppp!


Hmm… I thought I have something to blog about tadi but now I forgot what it was!!!! Arghh. Next time then!


p.s. Rin, I’m eating sour candy at the mo’ and I suddenly missss youuu! I miss you all the time plang, I know you know that =P


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speaking of which….maybe you should try watching bold&beautiful … gerenti nada cliffhanger. hahahah

sorry abt last night. couldnt log in balik after 15 mins so I went to sleep. hehehehe

Comment by N25

aiiii bold & beautiful!!!!
bulih plg ku cuba hahahah tapi u noe dari dulu kan asal ku tukar channel n then teliat b&b tarus ku tukar capat2!!! hahaha i dunno y!!! but im sure u know y laahh hahaha! mcm picture qualitynya atu lain bah hahahah !! BUT no harm in trying!!!! =P nantitah!!!

Comment by sza15

Hai Sza 🙂

I was once hooked on bold and beautiful!!! Missed it for a few months, and u will still get da story line! LOL….

Comment by bluey

I never did finish watching an entire episode. It’s too soap-y. HAHAHA. I read once that B&B has the most awards (eg: day-time Emmy’s and whatnots) .. WELL THAT’S ‘CAUSE THEY’VE BEEN AROUND SINCE TIME IMMEMORIAL!!!

Get SATC boxsets Mal and watch it again&again before the movie comes out! HEHEHEHE

Comment by N25

hellooo!!!! =D bohh hahahah the storyline must be a slow one then, bah i tink i shud give it a try hahahha!

i thought u watch b&b religiously, indakan??? hahahah, nah mun sdah dpt awards atu baiktah diliat. atleast ada tiap ari, nada hangin2 mcm series yg baru2 ani. n oohhh, i hav satc’s boxsets hehhhee!!! my saviour tu hahah.

Comment by sza15

Sza lengs… i mite link u, dat ok?? 🙂

Comment by bluey

ahhahahaha ask bluey she shud know! I admit I am STILL watching B&B!! How bored can I be??? hahaha 😛 storyline nya very antah ah..crazy bahh…! in love with that guy..break up..go back…have child together…run to another guy…break up..go back to previous guy..hahaha u get my drift! crazy kan??

Comment by Nas

haha…uitz… i no longer watch it ah?? kekeke maybe when im back in brunei…. haha but its crazy… banar tu… ANYTHING goes!!! falling in love with BROTHER –> check!
Falling in luv with UNCLE –> check!
marry ur ex-STEP MOM –> check!!!
palui tah banar!

Comment by bluey

Bluey: bah link awayyy ka~~!!!

Comment by sza15

nas & bluey:

Bah bah il start watching it ASAP! hahahhaa juicy jua storyline nya atu!!! and yeah, crazy! hahahah must catch dat sooonnnn! =P

Comment by sza15

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