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be nice bah…!
January 13, 2008, 10:39 pm
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I’ve been soo snappy lately. Must be the pms. I’m blaming everything on the pms. Hahah! Blogging-wise, I’ve been terribly lazyyy.

You know when I go out , sometimes even when the waitperson treats me like blah, I always try to keep my cool and not snap. But lately, going to different places at the wrong times, I’ve been treated like I’m not there, I know I’m nobody important but the least people could do is be NICE. At least lah ah. Most of the time I just ignored these people being rude and thought “ookay, maybe she’s having a bad day!” but I guess I’ve done enough of that now! Yesterday I just wanted to get my banana crepes but that somebody was being kinda rude to me, she just stared and when I told her I want ‘just one banana crepe’ (nicely), she JALING PLUS A SOUR FACE!!!! I snapped and said quite clearly “I JUST SAID ONE BANANA CREPE???!! WHAT’S HER PROBLEMMM???!!!” with three other customers behind me and I don’t care. Ggrrr. I know she may be having a bad day but that’s seriously not the right attitude to treat your customer!


And today, I went to this restaurant to have tea, sekalinya the waitress melayan macam blahhh jua. Hmm. Again. Malas ku ingau ehh. Be nice people. What’s wrong with everyone, it’s like ripple effect you know, they get pissy with us, they spoil our day. Not helpful.


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You should’ve just pulled out a gun and point it in their face. Masam tah lagi mua ah! HEHEHEHE.

Tapi banar jua ah, bukannya cara tani meng-order atu kasar in the first place.

I guess nowadays it’s such a burden to be nice. Are we all that jaded?

“~What’s wrong with world momma?!~” …………”~Where is da looovvveee, the lloooovvvveeee~”

Comment by N25

shoulda woulda coulda~ =P awu mun ada senapang, ku timbak sudah mua ahh mun telampau kan marung2!!!! hahahah! sadang2 jua deh, walaupun marah hahhah. bnr tu nur, i guess the in thing is to be rude and rough and difficult now!!! hahahah.

Comment by sza15

yes! keeping in line with the emo trend. you know, mua masam, depressed and all that shiz. haha. what the hell do they have to be depressed abt anyway? makan cukup! minum cukup! elaun kana bari! latest mubail tedapat! waseh. nah aku pun ikut tia jua EMOSI. haha

Comment by N25

nah baiktah sudah tu!!! tani pun emosi jadinya hahahah. alang2 jua kan. biartia semua MASAM. heh.

*note to ppl readin this: awuu, kami endang bitter. hahaha.

Comment by sza15

aih, dulu kalau kana marungi (which ok sikit) or kana kasari… malas ku peduli. maybe dorang stress kah apa ka.

sekali masa ani… hahah kalau kasar, ingat dorang aku inda pandai stress kali jua??? so there are times id snap back at them. hewhewhew

Comment by ain

awu yatahkan exactly! i used to just ignore it and sumtyms give the ‘wth?’ look ganya tapi skarang ani if kelurusan bad mood, kaboommm!!! heheheh! biar ia kebalasan sikit hahaah.

Comment by sza15

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