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January 29, 2008, 4:35 am
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Right now, the only thing I can think of is FOOD!!!

And right now, it’s 3+a.m. by the way, I feel like going downstairs and turn the kitchen upside down and bake those homemade cookies, cheesecakes, muffins and I’m craving for mashed potatoes too!!! Tsk. And chicken fajitas. Tsk tsk. I think I need to go to rehab for this! Hahahhaa. Tapi nya kawanku, kalau pasal makanan ani, nada compromise compromise! So I guess I’m sticking with the latter =P Hahahaa! Very very wise my gal!!! I love you muchos.


And the past few days have been filled with rather useless activities such as going out for movies, eating out, meeting up with a friend and a hell lot of monthly catching up to do. Jogging. Ermm, what else? A little heartbreak somewhere in between but nothing much. We move on as we breathe. The maids aren’t here yet so I’m pretty much worn out (at home). Urghh. When when when are you people coming??!!! As a result to this, I’ve been having mild asthma attacks whenever I deal with anything dusty!!! And the sniffles. I had those a few times this month alone! Hate it.

I am soo unhappy for the asthma to be making such a comeback, after somewhat, ermm, it stopped when I was in Form1. Tsk! Hate it. hate it. hate it. I even had to take a few puffs before jogging just now! That’s my very first this year! Now it’s in my make-up bag traveling around with me (just incase I have a sudden spasm attack), how not cool!!!


I may be catching another movie later, haven’t watched Cloverfield and Rambo 4. And I guess it will be another short sleep for me after this because I’m having this very strong urge to bake whatever! Hahahah. So it will be another early day for me I think. Bah nah Rin, baiktah ko kesini, at least I could prepare you a feast hahhaa. I’ve yet to try making Italian pizzas tho’. The very thin crunchy slices… mmmmI could taste it just by closing my eyes!!! Hahahah, gosh, this is bad, Waf, since you’re on your very effective diets all the time now, I guess you could be my shrink! Hehehee!


This is bad. Macam siuk sendiri talking to myself!!!! I guess I have to knock myself hard on the head now so I could just zonk out and sleep! Later guys.



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ehh buleh..hehehe…bah, dr wafa is here. apa masalah kita? hehehehe…

Even though i think about food all the time, i tend to eat small portions. Like, eat little but often. I eat 5 times a day. Oh one more diet tip which really works.( Of course it works, its tried and tested)

CHEW YOUR FOOD!Chew your food at least 15-20 times. It makes me you feel full lakas2 and you tend to eat less. =o)

But ooohh my god mal, i feel like wanting to go to your house now. hahahaa…all those food you mentioned!hahah…

Comment by Wafa

byk plg masalahnya ni doktorrr, mcm2 lah. exersais kurang, mkn byk, apatah lagi mun makan luar, ilang pantang. hahahahh!

Hhahaha yatah kan dats wat i read…chew chew chew!!! eat slowly and if masih lapar jgn menambah dulu coz apparently they say ur tummy takes time to send the msg to ur brain when ur full. atu dari article lah..inda plg ku tau eh, aku ani memang slalu lapar! hahahah

bah come come, i’ll make u hearty dishesss!!!! from starters to desserts…hahah tapi jgn silap, the starters to no-end doesnt necessarily have to start in that order! hahahaah!!! makan besar tu! i suggest u starve urself half a day dulu. =P

Comment by sza15

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