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February 7, 2008, 3:29 pm
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To all my friends and neighbours, readers, enjoy your raya and eat tons! Hehee!!!


I love CNY because it’s all reddd! Very festive.


So anyways, just had my sushi lunch today, sis brought takeaways home. And currently scoffing on mandarin oranges as I type hehe!


Yesterday was pretty occupied since mum and I are baking stuffs for my neighbour. She delegated me with uhmm you know, making kueh mor. I didn’t know it was that slow to make those balls (balls? I can’t think of a word!) I just wanted it to look slightly perfect but I guess I still need more practice haha! I think she was indirectly punishing me for being rude the day before, I had to do all of it! tsk! Finished baking at 6pm!


And I watched Oprah yesterday, like every other day, so a lil something to share;

Stretch as soon as you wake up, it just takes TWO MINUTES!

Workout or walk at least 30-45minutes daily, if not, thrice a week.

Turmeric! Eat it because it will help you prevent Alzheimer’s. And that is why India has one of the very lowest rates of Alzheimer in the world. (I’ll think about this, for now I’m sticking to my coffee hehe!)

Pick a hobby! Because unlike me, when you have a hobby, you’ll be soo into it and it’s good for the brain! No wonder I’m easily stressed I don’t even have a hobby! Does blogging count?? Haha!


Hmm… I forgot the rest! Other than that, you can always go here!


Enjoy your holiday people! =D



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OH! patuttah kau M.I.A for the past few days. Buat kuih mor panya kau. hehehehe. MAL KALAU ADA AMPAU SHARE SHARE ah. EHEHEHE ;p

Comment by N25


angpauuu??!!! blm yo, hav to wait til my neighbours around! hahha, ani blm ada! =/

Comment by sza15

what’s tumeric? hehehe…

Comment by wnr49

kunyit! hahaha akupun mcm…”hmm apa turmeric ani ah”…halia kah?? hahah then i thot halia is ginger… hahaha

Comment by sza15

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