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table for two…
February 17, 2008, 3:48 am
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Honestly, we are not so big on dates, as in you know, the monthversaries (?) or the likes. So during Valentine’s we were like, heck! lets go out and join the crowd! Hehee! We opted for Fusion and enjoyed the breezy night away out at the balcony. Food was good. Well, that’s all I’ve gotta say really, heheh, just fulfilling the quota for blogging! Hahaha. Ahh. Lazy weekend.  








Hehee =D



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baik!!ada date segala. hahaha..my date was my friend Sairah from university. Basically we were thinking about food during the seminar. Kami ke Nandos and all of these couples were in their togetherness!haha..yang ku sasak, the couple next to us membari gali. the girl farted and burped!ya rabi!

Comment by Wafa

eewwww how impolite for her to fart n stuff hahahah! spoil date tu eh!
aahhh as i was tellin qilah , id very much prefer spending valentines with my girlfriends! havin it wif the bf is very much overrated! hahaha! wish you’re here! =D

Comment by sza15

*of her

Comment by sza15

i like the color of your drink mal.. what is it? hehehe..

Comment by U11

eh wait is that even a drink? haha..

Comment by U11

astah mal.. my bad! candle rupanya tuuu… hehehehehehe.. malu ehhh..

Comment by U11

FUSION is SO my favorite restaurant! They have the uber-most awesome food and the most romantic setting you could ever ask for.<3

It’s underrated seriously.

Comment by mash

ujai :
hahahaha ! Its a candle luvvie!

Mash :
Oh yes hun, i love it there eventho most people say its pricey atleastnya nyaman! Plus its actually worth it coz my usual order of ice lemon tea comes in a big glass rather than d tall skinny ones! Heheh!

Comment by sza

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