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February 18, 2008, 5:58 pm
Filed under: Daily

I tried making cheesecake the other day, which turned out so-so. Need more improvements on the texture and less butter for the base. Lesson learned. Hehee!

Next will be mini quiche! I hope this time it works ok with the help of my mum. Oh, and I guess from now on, my movie post will all be directed to JPoS. Feel free to click there when you’re bored! =D


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MAL! hahaha lama ku inda borak2 sama kauuuu. I miss you woman. Been sleeping aaarrrrrllliii bah. haha

Comment by N25

Why u sleep arrlii mammm? very borreng baa , i hef no khawan to chat wif evvrynaittt!

p.s. I accidentally came across the pic of your heartthrob in dat thong! Kapisan ku kan pingsan mliat! Hahaha what horror!

Comment by sza

yeah I’m still under psych supervision ni. HAHAHA. turun ranking ia Mal until I see him in something decent and HOT. haha

Comment by N25

he better be DECENT N HOTTER next time! hahah!

Comment by sza15

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