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February 29, 2008, 11:56 pm
Filed under: Daily

I haven’t had the slightest mood to blog on things! It’s bad. But nada sources, canatah jua? Hehee.


So what do I do with all the time I have in the world?


Teach my nephew and niece. Nephew is okay eventho’ he likes to get distracted with so many things around him but at least he tried his best to ‘guess or think’ of the answers by looking up the ceiling! The niece on the other hand is uhmm, kinda moody with everything, like when you start raising your voice, she just cries! And totally give up doing her homework! Erghhh!!!! Must learn new techniques to keep her interested! It’s just too bad I’m not a teacher, I don’t know how to make them pay attention!!! Helpppp!!!


Need to stock up on my make ups. Heheh, macam banyak saja bunyinya, not! Just my pressed powder, that eyeliner I’ve been eyeing on, that Evian spray, face cream from the doc and ohh, my rose water! And a new tinted lipgloss pleaseeee! Must make a reminder! Sometimes I wish make-ups come with an expiry date tapinya nada kan? I know it’s no use anymore when it starts to smell funky or the texture has gone oily! Besides that, I don’t know!


Need to change my table lamp’s bulb.

Tidy up my toilet and throw away useless junks!


Need to rearrange the tv to the corner and the small sofa next to bed or somewhere. This will be a veryyy slow process because I’m not too keen on getting surprises from the LIZARDS DEPARTMENT! Suckers, I’m not scared of your babies but I’m scared of you big ones! Remind self to be fully armed with Ridsect!!!


Need to learn to switch to auto. Balum practice. I know, I know I’m kinda slow with this, hang in there kids! =D balum berapa confident bah!



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