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Lamb lamb lambbbb
March 11, 2008, 3:41 pm
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I’ll be out later in quest for the best lambchops in town (not really!) heheheh! Rin, kau ni punya pasal, I couldn’t sleep without thinking of LAMBCHOPS all night long!!!! Sadly, inda ku tejalan ke tutong ni later, so I’ll just settle for anything nice I can find here hehehe! I’m blaming Rina for this craving hahhahaar.


Ah anyways, on to unrelated topic, I’m known for my passion for collecting any sorts of body and hand lotions, so I have plentiful of them on my side table. What I just found out is that, ‘somebody’ has been ‘sharing’ it with me too, well, silently of course! My annoying brother! Well, sibs, you know it’s really hard to not like them coz’ you have that lifelong love and hate relationship with them hehehe. Ohhright, so I thought fineee, life’s too short to be karit, am I right? =/ After all, sharing is what they call caring? Hmpff =)


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eh sama tah jua ni. masa aku balik summer, i would sleep in my room and before my brother bejalan ke skulah, he would silently creep into my room, pakai my hair products and perfume. I was like thinking, kenapa harum bilik ku ani, ani kan aku busuk balum bangun tidur?hahahahhaa…for me, biarkan tia sajalah. eventually i left all the hair products and the perfume (DKNY Green Apple!) for him.

Comment by Wafa

EXACTLY!!!! bulih lagi they sneak in hahaah….aku entah ia sneak in pun aku inda tau bila….since im not always at home ptg2 coz aku jogging kan, yatah kali masanya tu ! hahahah cheh!!! tapi inda apa…i was about to marahiplg but then i said its okayyy lah… =)

Comment by sza15

woot woot!!jogging ya masih!!update eh!any results?

Comment by wnr49

hahah awuu joggggg lai, tapi buyuk coz i have two cheat days hahahah!!! SATURDAYS AND SUNDAYS!!!! HAHAHAHAH

Comment by sza15

my sister pun banyak body lotion! haha and aku yang selalu memakai diam-diam sometimes. now that ia nada di Brunei lagi tia ku pakai. LOL

Comment by ain

aahhahaha kedapatan aahh!!! =P rupanyaa.hahahah.

i find it annoyin mula2 coz ia inda pandai bunyi2 if memakai or minjam my stuffs, tapi inda apalah heheheh balik2 tu dimarahi my bro ah, duii makin plg dipakainya !

Comment by sza15

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