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March 12, 2008, 4:19 pm
Filed under: Daily

I finally had lambchops for dinner last night!!! Yayy! Thanks for mentioning lambchops everywhere rinos! xoxoxo


Okay, so I’m bored, I’ll just post up pix of my nephew doin’ his thang! Kids take pictures of everything they see, sometimes things we don’t even care to notice. Anyways, that reminds me to delete off the pictures he took using my phone yesterday, will show you the pix he took in a later post!




Surprise surprise, but no mama bird in there! The kids know there’s a nest inside, so they keep on shaking it hard (without my mum knowing of course). Siapa jua tahan tinggal disana??? It must’ve felt like an earthquake hehheeh. Kesian.



After he took this picture of his granma’s cactus, he asked me, if this ‘cacing’ will be alive? I said yes, once you touch it! It will! *dragged his hand forward to touch it!* Sekali takut ia saying inda mauuu inda mauuu! hahahahaah! Bet he’s never gonna go near that thing anymore now! I’m not a big bully, I’m sweet =P


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