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March 18, 2008, 3:22 am
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Boreng ku ehh canakan ni inda mau tidur ani???! *yawns* I think I’m just gonna make myself busy while waiting to doze off. I’ve yet to watch a few movies and make a review over at JPoS but things have been rather slow on my side and I haven’t been updating much lately. Oh well.


I have a few things that need to be done actually, but see, I’m a big procrastinator, even someone jobless like me procrastinates, how bad can it get? Hehehe! I have to tidy up the room, like, seriously tidy it up because my mum just lets the workers go to my room yesterday to check my toilet and I felt soo embarrassed! So yeah, it’s about time to do another spring cleaning sesh! Just so you know, I don’t let the maids clean up my room or my toilet because it’s just me, it’s my room, so I’ll handle it myself and because I hate it when they re-arrange my stuffs and put it elsewhere in the room and I HAVE TO search for it again, so yes, don’t bother hehe. So later, change my bed sheets, scrub the toilet, prepare the envelopes and kindly ask my bro to help drop it at the offices and do a little packing. The cd’s have to go. I don’t think I need those cd’s to be on the shelves now (dvds will stay). Just a waste of space. And the magazines too. And some of the old books. Arghh bejurit bah bilik ani, well, just incase my sis is secretly reading my blog right now, well, dear (lovely) sis, I think it’s about time to tell you that I WANT TO move to your (empty)room next door, sooner or later, coz, seriously, my room can no longer accommodate me and my junks! I like the spacious toilet and the verandah, and umm I think I ‘need’ more of the space than you do, so ya. If you’re secretly reading this, do drop a comment! =) And no, you won’t get the password to the protected posts. Sorry!


Well, I better go and make myself busy now! Hoping that I’ll get drowsy by 3.30am!



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I was gonna do an anonymous reply pretending to be ur sister, tapi aku inda tau style nya becakap. ahahahhaha. kan mau lagi tu ngacau. bah mal, thoe books need to be at a book cafe! hehe. pkl berapa tah kau tidur?!?!

Comment by N25

hahaha..nur..i was about to kacau her that way as well. saja, kan cari pasal..but at the same time funny!hehehehheeh..jgn marah mal.

Comment by Wafa

hahahahah gurls!!!! i thot about that prank!!!!! nyangku takutku any of u ada mengacau ni krg! hahahahahah id be damn shocked readin it thinkin it was my ‘real’ sis!!!!!!! HAHAHAHAH!!!

oh nur, dui ahir ku tidur (like 5ish i think!)! trust me, i TRIED. but inda mau jua. lesson learned. jgn minum kupi 2x sehari!!!!!

Comment by sza15

and oh;

waf, awu inda ku marah heheheh if ada nanti my ‘sis’ comment, i know it’s one of you hahaha.

nur, yeps, those books will be donated to your/our book cafe! hehehe joint venture eh, aku jua tukang buat kek! =P

Comment by sza15

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