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it’s been raining…
March 20, 2008, 3:00 am
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I am (yet again) on a baking frenzy! Nya si Nur “easyy on the recipes!” HHAHAHA. But I didn’t! Waf suggested I should start scrapping on the recipes and show it to my kids one day! Good idea babe!! I think I WILL do that!

Baked pizzas for the house yesterday but it didn’t turn out as I hoped, like the ones from Capers or Frats. Hehee. High expectations. Next time I bake, I’ll adjust the quantity of the flour and the dry yeast! But the edges were crispy enough, so that’s good I guess?

I think I’m starting to have an addiction! Hahaha should I join an anonymous group now???!! =P


Ok, random now. I told my mum about the weird noises I heard the previous week, I initially didn’t wanna tell her because it didn’t occur to me it was ‘it’ or anything like it. When I heard ‘that’ I thought nyehh, could be ayam or the neighbour’s dog kali (the dog yang selalu sasat kearah compound kami) so I tried to ignore it and went back to sleep. Truthfully, it didn’t sound either like an ayam or a dog, it was a weird sound. I can’t even imitate it when I told her and she said never look out of the window incase I hear it again (or better, report to her straight away!) Errr! That kinda send creeps to my spine! Heh! Seriously I didn’t wanna think it that way. But when my mum told me it could be something else and “jangan di tagur!” eeeps takutttt =( But anyhow, always baca2 saja and kuatkan semangat. Insya-Allah.



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Mal, now that the new Giant supermarket is open, maybe you could head there and see if there is a cheaper Mascarpone. HEHEHE. Once the crowd eases pulang tu. I saw pictures from the opening. You would think they were giving out free lifetime stocks of rice or something. Heheheh

Comment by N25

But ok lah, baras slightly cheaper while stock/promo lasts! Mun mascarpone free, sanggup plg ku tu kesana hahaha!
bah nanti tah ku check sana sudah calmdown abit hehe. My bro was lyk PANJANGG! BYK KRITAA! JAM SAMPAI KE HIGHWAY EMPIRE! Lol, entah ia eh, i hope he`s just exaggerating hahaha! Labih2 jua sampai kesana jamnya!

Comment by sza

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