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March 25, 2008, 11:25 pm
Filed under: Daily

I really had a great time accompanying the girls shopping today! Have fun at the upcoming event ladies! =D


I’ve had the flu, the cough and now I’m down with a slight temperature. Trying to make myself sweat at the moment by not switching on the fan or the aircon hehe. I hope I’ll get better tomorrow coz I’ve skipped jogging for two days in a row now.


Anyways, I better get going, you guys have a nice night!



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Get well soon babe :))

Comment by u11

Get well soon!!Drink lots and lots of hot milo. at least it puts off your chocolate cravings. hahaa.. which btw, i am having right now.. ya rabi….hahhaa..

Comment by wnr49

halloooo darlings! im backkk up and running (jogging!) hahahhaha, thanks for the well wishes. except, my left ear masih bangal!!! wat a bummer! =/

Comment by sza15

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