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April 3, 2008, 12:46 am
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I haven’t been doing much honestly. The rain did finally get to me so on Monday, braved it (altho’ weather didn’t look promising much) and yeah, ujan tia halfway time jogging ah, but I was soo upset about skipping it for the whole week, I jogged through the bearable raindrops! Hahaha! Happyyy!

I’ve been totally out of my r&b and hiphop radar for quite a while now. Been listening to those easy listening songs instead. Read: lately, it’s COUNTRY songs. Hahahha. Found Tim McGraw’s cd few weeks ago and grabbed Jack Johnson, Colbie Caillat too while I was at it.

I watched Step Up 2 the other night (blahh movie. Boreng!), now that song Low by Flo Rida keeps on ringing in my head! Membari sasak! The beat is just so ridiculously catchy. Hahah. Ohh, but I’m loving Usher’s new song (just because I ALWAYS loveee Usher), and Keyshia Cole’s (also because I ALWAYS loveee Keyshia Cole) Hmm exception exception. But as far as I’m concern, I’m not going as far as buying Kenny Rogers’ hahahah!!! =P


Can’t jog because of the rain =/ Opted for movies instead. Watched Water Horse and I almost cried over a water horse!!?! Hahhaa. Bumped into Rinrin. Bah Rin, kupi date still on after my trip ah! Provided when we’re both free =) If not, paksatah mengupi at my house saja tu, I’ll make you fettucine carbonara and cheesecakes and chocolate cupcakes and pizzas! Hahaha! =P



Nurrrr, teseliur ku tarus kan kebab!!! Kau tu menyabut tadi! Hahahah! Yeps, I hope those rounds at stadium are worth it hahahah. Adakah tarus makan kebab lapas jogging!

Ahh, I’m procrastinating, I must start packing a little today. Will be away for the weekend =)

Mental note: MUST post a little something for JPoS!


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I have Colbie on repeat since yesterday. Kalau CD ngingis (sp?) sudah ni. haha.

have fun on ur trip. jgn lupa borong books and BK!
buy in bulk = cheaper! HAHAHA

Comment by N25

aihh awu ehh baikjua itunes hahha!!!
will do hun, not sure abt the babysittin bit hahahahh !!

awu memborong ku ni, i wish they have some sort of ‘buy 3 books get 5 free” kinda thing hahaah!!! tsk!

Comment by sza15

babysitting?!?! just chain them to the railings while you go shopping! HAHAHAAH. AMPUN KAKA SI AMAL. I JOKE I JOKE! hahaahah.

Comment by N25

hahhahahah awuuu she even planned to bring those you know, yg tali utk kanak2 supaya inda lapas atu!!!! hahahah she has one herself!!! hahhah!!!

Comment by sza15

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