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April 10, 2008, 11:43 pm
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My day started really early today. Had to send the applications off. Went to accompany my brother elsewhere afterwards. Saw an accident on the way back home near the istana area. Mind you, I’m typing short short sentences here. Bear with me. Hehehe. I skipped jogging again this week, couldn’t jog on Monday and Tuesday ‘coz my legs were still hurting, but the weather was super fine! I wanted to jog yesterday and today but it’s raining again!!! Sudah atu ujan tia labat!!! So no jogging for this week then, tsk!


Babe, I’m still stuck watching Hell’s Kitchen dari patang tadi!!! Hahahah! This is so baddd, gahhh he’s one hell of a man, but I couldn’t resist clicking on the next episodes!!! Hahahhaha!!! Nightmare ku ni karang, overdose Gordon Ramsay!!!!!



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season 1 & season 2 lagi! wahahaha. the next episode of the new season airs on the 15th. MENTAL KU IH!

Comment by N25

waheyyyy!!! atleast something to make up for the lack of greys and whatnot ahhahahah!!!

Comment by sza15

interesting reading and pictures, thanks!

Comment by rick mobbs

thank you rick mobbs, for visiting.. altho there may be parts of the contents that you might not be able to understand as it was typed in Malay. 🙂

Comment by sza

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