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mari membaca hehee
April 14, 2008, 2:59 am
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I have a lot of catching up to do. I haven’t been reading much lately, this includes newspapers, books and magazines. I think I’m all set for this 3-4 months (or more, coz’ I’m a slow reader) considering the addition of books I bought from Miri the other day heheh! Can’t be bothered to take them out from the plastic bags yet. Bejurit sudah half of my bed covered with unread newspapers, books and magazines (junks, etc etc!) Ohh, gotta read up on Nicolas Sarkozy’s new wife, by the looks of all the pictures in HELLO! myy, she’s soo pretty and very fashionable to boot! Ohh well, nama jua ex-supermodel, hehehe, I want all the black flats that she pulled off!!! Even that cutie Dior flats… ooh how I wish I had those!!! Grr!



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U knw Confession of a shopaholic is gonna be a movie..out valentine’s day next year 🙂 Isle Fisher’s playing the role as the shopaholic 🙂 Can’t wait.. hehe..

Comment by u11

awuu my friend told me abt it! weeeee cant waittt cant waitttttt!!!!!! =D =D =D !!!!!!!!!!! iv read all of kinsella’s now except for ketinggalan shopaholic & sister hehehe! and the recent one, Remember Me? blm ku membali, mahal masih!

Comment by sza15

Awuuu can’t waitttt… we can watch the movie together nanti yes? hehe insyaallah.. anyway, i’m currently reading shopaholic & baby…. syokk! 2 more chapters to go and i bought Remember me pun udah.. iatah gonna read that next then i’m complete reading all of her books… hehe… 🙂

Comment by u11

ohh i read tunggang tebalik actually hahaha, mcm inda in order hahahah but i love all the shopaholic series nonetheless! 😀 shopaholic & baby lama sudah ku baca , now barutah kan read shopaholic &sister hehehe, that’s all left and i’m complete =P bah hopfully ur in bru once it hits the cinema ah!

Comment by sza15

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