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I’ve got mail!
April 15, 2008, 11:18 pm
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Got woken up today when my niece knocked on my door, slipped in my letters underneath it and yelled “SOMETHING FOR YOU! A PICTURE!” I was like hmm, a picture? Can’t help but get out of bed and have a look at what it is! A postcard from Korea! And that picture says “The path where Yu-Jin returned missing Joon Sang” Aww, is anybody here unfamiliar with Winter Sonata? Hehehe you can’t be! I can still vividly remember my days of watching those series everyday after school, bawling my eyes out to those sad sad scenes!!!! Hehehe. Thank you babe, it must have been a pleasant experience to be there and to see, where the real shootings of the drama took place! Kan kan? Jealous kuu hehehe.



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ME!ME! I hereby declare that i have never watched Winter Sonata. LOL. teruk ah. But entah, it never caught my interest time atu.

Comment by wnr49

lohhh apatah ko liat dulu???? Armed Reaction 1, 2 & 3 arah TV2???!!!!

LOL hahahahha entah luruskah inda tu!!!
hahahahaha you’re missin out ladyyy!!
nadawah , yg banarnya, bulih jadi peer pressure bah meliat series2 ani, urang di sekulah byk becerita pasal the series, inda jua mau ketinggalan! hahahhahah! yatah paksatah ku keep up with “hal ehwal semasa.” hahahha !! =P

Comment by sza15

Ingat ku pulang show malaysia ah, “Gerak gerak khas”..hahahhha..bida lagu theme songnya. nadalah, i didnt watch much TV dulu. Aku kuat liat cartoon. hahha. mcm Akazukin Cha Cha, Sneezing Genie, Johnny Quest. LOL. lagi tia ketinggalan zaman. mcm inda mau grow up aku ah! LOL..

Comment by wnr49

hahahah awu, gerak khas is still showing sampai ani, altho i nvr watched it properly, inda ku minat hhehe. wohhh, katun-gal rupanya heheeheh!!! =P i think i remember akazukin cha cha !!

Comment by sza15

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