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speakin’ of RANDOM haha
April 24, 2008, 5:30 pm
Filed under: Daily

I haven’t blogged. Lazy. Lazy. Malassss. Nada mood ku.

So lets do some in bulleted points, karang ada urang komplen inda meng-update =P

– I had the most effinggg period cramps the past two days! It’s hell! So if you caught me on msn sounding all bitchy, my apologies. Be warned tho’, jangantah beep me on msn if the nick has the F word on it. Hahaha. What a biotch.

– Went for a written test very early in the morning (also cranky!) I had smilies on my zeros (on the desk), as my index number was 100. So I guess that’s a sign telling me to chill and cheer up! 🙂

– Ohh, Mashhh hun, if you’re reading this, sorryyyy for not being able to make it to your bbq-do, but it’s ok yes? I hope you guys had tons of fun! We’ll meet up with rinrin again nanti! 🙂

– We currently have a veryyy cute visitor at home. It’s my neighbour’s cat! So kiutttttt. Like I told Nur, I’m soo tempted to keep it, ok, that’s an euphemism for “STEAL” really, hehehe. Nadabah, we’ve tried sending the kitty back next door, but he/she (blm ku check) keeps on coming back! I don’t mind, it’s a cute lil thing!

– Okay, I’m off to shower.




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