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April 27, 2008, 12:39 am
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I know I’m gonna regret posting this up once I wake up later =P

With the whole voting fiasco, some people are being harsh man! And by harsh, I mean, you go vote for the blog of your preferences lah, inda jua payah kan mengucapkan blog yang kau ‘inda’ vote. Just click and vote away and shut up already. I mean that’s the point of the competition ok, you vote for the blogs you like, you don’t like, don’t vote, abis cerita. Inda payah kan mental.




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iya betul! aku sokong! maybe there should be something for those ppl … where they can VOTE for blogs they DON’T like. and the winner (the most ‘hated’ blog) can tell those who voted to “SUCK IT”. something for everyone right 😀

Comment by N25

yup! that sounds fair anough hehehe! mental bah some voters ani, sdg2 jua deh, bkn AF ni ja, inda pyh kan mental2 hahahah.

Comment by sza

siapa kamu vote?!hehehe..aku mau tau

Comment by Wafa

kami vote yg kami suka waf =P tapi kami inda mengucapkan blog yg kami “least” vote, kami ani jenisnya supportive hahahah =P

Comment by sza

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