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April 30, 2008, 3:46 pm
Filed under: Daily

Lastnight, I had chocolate stains smudged on my pillows! I know I’m one known to bring food to the bed and I have been eating way too much chocolatey things lately! My bad. This is why I hate hate hate white bedsheets. Ergh. And later the night, I went to sleep with teabags on my eyes, and when I woke up around 5am, it wasn’t on my eyes anymore! Found one under my head, it got squished to the other pillow (also with white pillowcase!) but I couldn’t find the other one. Woke up this morning to find the other one on the floor!!?! (like on the floor arah ujung kaki!!) What??? Did I kungfu in my sleep or somethin’? Hehehee.



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hahaha Mal!! pakai plastic saja arah bantal ah. newspaper kah. hahaa

Comment by N25

awu yatabah, hahahaha kesian jua tu mun ku belapik! baiktah jgn besarung bantal nah hahahah!

Comment by sza

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