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Sleepless in…
May 2, 2008, 6:52 am
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… Brunei of course. Oh don’t I wish it was Seattle!!!?

I’m currently very very VERY pissed at myself coz’ I can’t bring myself to sleep just yet!!! It’s now 6.44AM!!! Haven’t slept all night long and I’m feeling very cranky I wanna rant right about now! Sighhhh. Just a recap, I didn’t have my daily fix of coffee yesterday, I ate sushi, yes, green tea, yes, chocolate, yes, but nothing consists of anything close to caffeine! (ok, maybe the tea, debatable) How is this happening? I’m so screwed! My friends were nowhere in sight on msn, considering it’s exam season, so yeah, had nobody to chat with. Except for a few guy friends, who made fun of me actually. Told him I can’t sleep and I’m friggin’ bored and effing pissed, he said, “makan plg ko bawang sama nasi sama kicap. It will make you sleep. Deeeeeppp sleep!”  Yeah, like eating raw onion’s gonna help dude, thanks anyways hehe!

I googled, it said “Eat HONEY”. Hmm, not sure if that’s of any help, but may be I will try that next time.

Sigh. Sigh. Sigh.

Good morning people!



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6.44am?!?!?! Oh man that sucks. Hope you had a good sleep tadi. 😀

Comment by N25

I finally slept at 8am!!! what a bummer!!! neighbour ku lagi sibuk katuk2 making whatever. and i can hear the trucks going uphill. the noises kinda reminds me of the sound at norfolk square time pagi2, what with the lorry sampah and the man blowing the leaves at the park! hahaha. pokoknya bising lah and i didnt sleep well!!! sasakkuuu! hahahah!

Comment by sza

Pakai ear plugs and use a penutup mata. works well for me and im damn light sleeper and i HATE noise. oh oh, apparently to make yourself sleep, you must set aside 20 mins for total relaxation and that means, imagining every muscle in your body is relaxed. like, start with your toes and working up to your arms and etc…hehe..

Comment by wnr49

awu yatah aku nada tedapat earplugs waf!
yeps, i read abt that in the magazine, exactly the same thing, mesti start dari toes , heheh, it’s all in the head ya? i have a habit of readin before bedtime sampai tetidurrr, i dont think i will be able to set aside 20mins of my waking time without reading hahaaha! habit dari damit sudah!! but yes, wil definitely get earplugs! 🙂

Comment by sza

~it starts in my toes and I crinkle my nose~~ hahaha! sorry couldn’t resist. you know I always get this wrong ~ it starts in my nose and I crinkle my toes~ wth?!?! hahaha

Comment by N25

HAHAHAH!!!! atu salah hahahah! lets see how we can crinkle our toes shall we?? hahahaha 😛

Comment by sza

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