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May 14, 2008, 12:17 am
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Ok, I have to rant:

You know, if I bumped into some people I don’t like or hate, I think it’s better to just act like they’ve never ever existed in my life and frankly, malastah ku ingau kan meliat muanya atau te-asi2 kan say HI. Menyampah saja. Pfftt. I don’t get it why I have to fake being friendly at the first place kan? So better not! At least you know that person deserves a bad treatment too. Get even. Bitch bitch bitch, inda payah kan tunjuk baik dapan2 urang! Tau jua ku ko atu main cakap blakang and all, so stop faking it bitch! Membari kan menampar ada plg mua mu ah!

(To my lovely friends readin this) it’s unpleasant to read, I know, but I just HAVE TO let that out from my chest!



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Eh sama tah jua ni. It’s the same with me. People think its quite mean for me to blank people but malastah ku ingau. If i dont like that person, ku ignore saja and unfortunately, if i ignore you, i ignore you forever! Hahaha. I just dont feel any guilt or ‘barat’, as some people would say. Prinsip ku, once u step over the limit, jgntah harap i will treat you the same way and if i dont like you, it’ll stay like that for a long long time. The reason? Same like you. I dont like being fake. I think being fake is even worse than blanking that person. At least kalau blanking, inda jua bedusa kitani menipu kan bebaik2.

The person im blanking at the moment tried to look as if we are still chummy in front of others. Everytime he/she says something, I just stay quiet and walk away. Kali once ia desperate banar kan tunjukkan ia atu (QUOTE WHAT THAT PERSON SAID: “Aku ani orang baik”), you know what that person did? Ia bagi salam! HAHAHAHAHA. i found out that hilarious but aku diam saja, aku balas dalam hati but i just walked away.

Comment by wnr49

HAHAHAAHAH thats hilarious! awu jwb dlm ati sja.

yeah, really kan, there’s no need to ‘tunjuk baik’ when we both know we don’t like each other. mengalihkan diri saja kan acting2! it’s true what you said, unfortunately for me kalau sudah ku banci urang atu, i don’t give a piece of shit. kalau ia pura2 kan tunjuk baik dapan urang, i just pull a face and GO. biar bagi ia sadar sikit. hehe. i don’t like being mean tapinya kan as we grow older, ‘some people’ tend to get really kurang ajar with us, going overboard with the limits and to add to that, pandai lagi belakun dapan urang tu so that he/she will portray the ‘angelic’ vibe! barigali!
im sorry, but for me, malas ku ingau kan melayan. boleh pigi dahh!!!

Comment by sza

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