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Yesterday’s post.
May 20, 2008, 2:13 am
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Didn’t get enough sleep the past two days. And now I’m still nursing the pain on the inside of my right cheek =( Time to give the dentist a call =(

I think it’s a good thing it got painful, I’m now too lazy to munch on anything because it hurts when I eat! It’s midnight (and midnight junking usually strikes at this very time!), I’m tempted to eat that pack of chipsmore but the pain is soo disturbing, so yeah, nevermind lah, sia sia pun. Kalau sakit gigi/mulut ani membagi kurus bagus jua ahh! Hehehe! But that’s sad really, hehe, suffering all the pain just to be thin! I don’t think I want to do that hahah, CANNOT, I love food more than anything else!!! =D

I woke up earlier today just to attend a written test, mannn, was today VERY HOTTT brabis!!! Come lunch time, I was again unfortunate enough because my buttermilk chicken was karas!!! Of alllll dayssss, kenapa mesti time ku sakit gigi kan??!! Errgghhh! What a bummer! =/ Ohh well.

Okay, I suddenly forgot what I initially wanted to say on this post. Goodnight then everyone!