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Coffee lovahhh!
May 26, 2008, 4:50 pm
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*hands up!* I’m one! Hehehe! With.a.passion.

Nur, you’ve mentioned once pasal ‘Kopi Luwak’right? (No no, I haven’t tried it! Hehee!) Hari atu ada some facts about that coffee on RTB, it’s only a short clip but enough to know the whole process of making it. Yea, it’s from the civet’s poopies hahaha. Kesian jua ah, if they’re human beings, they’d be making millions by now! Unfortunately not, people just wait for them to do their ‘business’, collect it, cleanse it, roast it, and yeah, sell it at unreasonable price! I tried wiki-ing the facts, apparently they are selling it £50 per cup at some cafe in London! Atu mahal!!! I love coffee that much, yes, BUT I don’t think I can afford that! Hahahaa!

Is it even worth paying? According to the Indonesian man on tv, “rasanya sungguh sempurna, baunya sangat harum! Jika diminum yah, selepas beberapa menit, rasanya masih ada! *smiles*”  Well, that’s what he said. Hehee. I’ll stick to my Nescafe 3in1 thanks.


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NO! anything that comes out from BEHIND I avoid! even if “rasanya sungguh sempurna, baunya sangat harum” HAHAHA

Comment by N25

HAHAHAHA yatahkan!!! dari poop bah ni!!! hahahaha!!! but damn, it’s one of THE BEST coffees in the world! bulih lagi ia high standard nya!!!

Comment by sza

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