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June 1, 2008, 4:18 pm
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Nah Nur, I copied and pasted it from yours… but I think I was tagged too right? Heehe!

Instructions: Remove any 1 question from below, and add in your personal question, make it a total of 20 questions, then tag 8 people in your list, list them out at the end of this post. Notify them in their chat box that he/she has been tagged. (Nyehh, malasku remove anything and I’m just gonna answer this straight.)

1. If you could only eat one kind of food for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Anything with chickennnnn, I’m all OK with chicken.

2. What do you think you were in your past?

Ooo. Nothing I’m proud of mostly. Way too stubborn, didn’t work hard enough at school, went home way past curfews (when I used to have curfews), I had lots of closefriends (now I don’t), used to trust people easily (now I don’t), but it’s ok… it turned out fine now and I’ve gotten out of that phase…

3. What’s your favorite thing to do?

Eating gooddd fooddd!!!

4. Do you think money can buy happiness?

I don’t want to sound materialistic, but face it, everything/everyone needs that dosh now!

5. If you can have one dream to come true, what would it be?

Ohh~ too many dreams… Go to culinary school maybe? =P

6. Do you believe you can survive without money?


7. What are you afraid to lose the most?

My family, my close friends, the people I love, the people who love me. People who matters the most.

8. If you win $1 million, what would you do?

Pay off debts, buy a car. And then save some.

9. If you meet someone that you love, would you confess to him/her?

If I’m comfortable enough to tell, then why the hell not! =P

10. List out 3 good points of the person who tagged you.

– she’s my midnight-msn buddy. I know at some point this will stop nanti hehe, once we get cracking with our day jobs! =P

– she lovesssss fooddd as much as I do! I don’t know how many others who get excited just by the sights of rows and rows of food stuff at some place called Dean&Deluca other than her! Altho’ I’ve never seen the real Dean&Deluca myself! But you get me! Hehehe!

– Ia suka Mama Jolie! Hey, that’s a good point! Shows she’s got good taste! Haha! =P *thumbs up* 

11. What are the requirements that you wish from the other half?

Ooh banyak. It will differ from time to time, or shall I say, once you got out of past relationships, you’ll expect something more on the next one. So the list keeps on adding up! Soft spoken, polite, understands me, pandai jaga hati, to state a few.

12. What type of person do you hate the most?

Easy question! Two-faced and manipulative. People who betray their own ‘so-called’ bestfriends.

13. What is your ambition?

To be a good at whatever I do. And many more.

14. If you can teleport once, where would you go?

Somewhere beautiful, somewhere I could just spend time and unwind… somewhere breathtaking! Beach and sunsets and sunrise.

15. If you can teleport more, then where would you go?

London (to meet my friends and ‘coz I realllyy miss that place!) and aku mau ke Japan jua, and then babe, we can play with our Holga cameras and take some ‘dreamy’ shots! Hahahah!

16. If you could undo doing one mistake in the past, what would it be?

Skip getting to know some people. They broke my heart.

17. If you have a chance, which part of your character would you like to change?

I wish I’m more of an ignorant person, but too bad, I care too much =/

18. What music have you been listening to recently?


19. What is your least favourite animal?

I dunno, maybe yang barigali! Hehe.

20. If one day you couldn’t do the things that you are used to doing now anymore, how would you feel?

Hmm, not so sure. I don’t like changes, for one thing. But if I have to, I’ll learn. But it’s not gonna be easy for me.


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Mal !! Tau tia org abt my obsession with D&D! :s

Comment by N25

or any other grocery stores for that matter. Makes me think of Somerfield. I used to eksen bagitau org aku kan bali BRIOCHE padahal therapy, walking up and down the aisle. HAHAHAHA.

Comment by N25

Hhahaha hey, trust me, it’s a GOOD obsession!!!!!! oh awuu, to think about it, i still love somerfielddd!!! but then for me bahaya tu walkin up and down the aisle coz i ended up buying useless canned sardines/tuna, keropok, COKLET and whatnot!!! hahaha!

Comment by sza

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