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June 6, 2008, 2:52 am
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Don’t worry, you’re here, you’ve got the right blog despite that Marvel Heroes thingy as my new header hehee! Sooo not me, BUT whatdaheck! (tukar sudah!) I was revising with my nephew and I was bored waiting for him to fill in his revision papers, so I was there trying to figure out which is which (nephew’s Marvel Heroes pencil case) and I thought they all looked cute like that. I was like who’s this guy with an “A” on his head and a star on his chest??!!!??

Captain America! I knowww, what a shame! Guess I just didn’t grow up watching much Marvel Heroes stuffs!

Anyways I can’t sleep and nobody is on msn to chat with. I mean those people I’d usually beep. Boreng ku eh. Tsk.

I’m hungry =/ It’s almost 3am now.


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hahaha ada Captain America rupanya hehe..fikir ku Captain Hook saja ada:P lols!!! but aku suka Batman..rugged bah ia punya baju ah..black is sexy lols!!!!

Comment by Zamriah

awu zam, akupun baru tau kelmarin hehehe!! and i just found out Fantastic 4 is also one of them marvel heroes hahah! atu baru ya, langsung ku inda tau! tsk! how sad! and ooh yaa… batman and his… batmobile! heheh!

Comment by sza

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