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June 14, 2008, 1:51 am
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Rina came over and woke me up hehe, hung out at my place and we had lunch together! Spent good two hours with her before she went off to work. Rin, please stop by again next week hehe, aku janji this time my room will be ready for you! =P

Come tea time, I was craving for nasi lemak, so off I went to fulfill that craving hehe!

I’ve been meaning to watch what I eat lately but temptations keep on coming in, mum keeps on trying new recipes at home, I get treats (hehee!) and whatnot. Hmmm. Temptations temptations.

Arghh, having the mood swings right now, I even felt like crying over the silliest things! Arhhh. How silly! But no worries, I hope I’ll cheer up once I wake up later on.

And lastly, thanks to my sis for generously buying us a new weekender bag and she gave me one of her phonebags (?) which supposedly wasn’t even for me, so yeah, thank you!

Goodnight y’all! It’s 1.55am now. Will be going out to meet the girls for lunch later.


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mal, bah aku jadi tester untuk your mum’s recipe! heehee

i suka makan. lol.

nanti ku ke rumah ah :p

Comment by riname

ohh no probbb , lagi ia suka if ada urang makan her food, coz she gets pissed sometimes sebab kami inda makan masakannya hhehee!

Comment by sza

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