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It’s been… random?
July 4, 2008, 3:07 am
Filed under: Daily

Can’t sleep. And I’m friggin’ bored! Now watching a boring local drama on tv, well, inda plang boring brabis (if it is then I’d already switch it off earlier tadi!) tapinya inda, mau jua meliat what happens in the end kan hehe! Might as well!

Initially I wanted to rant a bit more on something else BUT I figured, cakap balik2 and banyak2 pun wasting time saja. *Sigh…*

So anyways, I have been keeping a food diary for the past 3 weeks just to see my eating patterns. It’s the usual nasi/chicken/veggie for lunch and dinner and snacks in between. I’m slowly trying to break that pattern and see if that helps. May be try the eat-6-small-meals-a-day plan? I dont know, hehe, we’ll see about that. Payah jua ah kalau sudah suka makan ani! Seriously sometimes I don’t get how some people can just order, for example, JUST salad when they’re eating out??! Haha! Ahh well, it’s just me talking hehee.

I have a presentation to prepare for next week! Hmm, haven’t done anything about that yet, will keep the stress at bay for now!

Okay, I better stop going random, can’t help it, head’s not funtioning straight at the moment!


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