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July 10, 2008, 3:19 am
Filed under: Daily

My belabih niece decided to do some aerobics last night. She insisted I joined atleast ada dangannya exercise! I was all worn out after my jog but oh well, can’t say no to that girl. My dvd player’s currently downstairs because the kids need it for their cartoons, so we just make do with the youtube in my room heheh! I gave up just after a good ten minutes! Haha, it was dance aerobics! And that Japanese lady on youtube is soo fast! Sekali my niece was like,

Usu!!! Comeee do aerobics bahh!!! Againn!!!

Inda indaaa, ngalih usu sudah eh!!!

Ehh usuu, lajuuu, mesti aerobics sampai kurusss!! *majal kan?*hehe!*

Kepisan eh! Ngalih usu sudah!!!

Wellll… THIS IS WHAT YOU CALL AEROBICS!  *giving me a meanie look while prancing around*

Blahh. Hehee. See, even my niece suruh kuruskan badan! Heheh how howww now… *rolls eyes*


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