:: Smile and smell the coffee ::

Kofeyyy sesshion with dot dot dots.
July 12, 2008, 12:46 am
Filed under: Daily

Another coffee sesh with fun fun funnn peepolll =P Naj, Ka Lissa, barutah ku tejumpa tu after what felt like soooo longgggg =/ And Nur thank you for the coffee! Heheheee!!! Looks too good to even try and open it! Nanti2 tah ku mencuba ah =P

 (maybe it was ‘the coffee’ that made my camera work! It worked for a bit! Tadi time bejalan heng ia! )

Home-front; tried tidying up the mess in my room tapinya macam makin messy tia plang usulnya! Rearranged the sofa next to the bed instead,,, somehow it looks kinda wrong? Hmm. Will rearrange again next time. Ngalih ku kan pindahkan balik2 eh.

Aircon fixed! Now it’s back to chilly room! Yayyy!

I’m pmsing, I’m not craving for anything at the moment BUT I do feel the NEED to BAKE or make anything. Tiramisu? Lasagna? I want to bake cakes :s Although, if I did try to make tiramisu, that will be the first try, wish me luck on that, manatau ancur! =) Ok, enough talking about foodddd.


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